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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Will Obamacre Be Obama's Vietnam? Will Medicare Be the Savior of Obamacare?

January 1, 2014 is D-Day!
There will be millions of Americans who will lose their health insurance because of the good intentions of Obamacare, the idea.  They will be Uninsured because of the poor preparation of Obamacare.  Thousands will suffer.  Hundreds will die.  And then the body count by the Republicans will begin.  And Don't think the Republicans, the libertarians, and the Tea Party won't go there.  I graduated from high school and the daily body accounts from Vietnam on the evening news   are painfully etched into our minds.  We all knew friends and families who were hurt by the Vietnam War.

But that is only half the story.  There will be millions of others who have not had health insurance who have been waiting for the day they are saved from suffering, death, and bankruptcy.  Those who have put off surgery and other medical treatments waiting to be covered.  Their blood is on the hands of the GOP.  Those are the people that the Republicans have voted 4 dozen times to keep them interned in  the nightmare land of the uninsured. 

The Only Humane solution to this problem is for the President to declare a National Emergency and give anyone with proof of filing an online or a paper application for Obamacare  Temporary Medicare coverage for 6 to 12months.  That is the minimum time period needed to straighten out this mess. There are empty desks available in all 1300 Social Security Offices nationwide that could be staffed quickly to process the new Medicare cards. See for details.   
+ online software is still not fixed completely, the paper application software is failing, and the back-end software is a bust.  Now consider the hundreds of insurance companies and the new software they will be using to interface with the government and you can see that it will be at least a year to get Americans enrolled or re-enrolled in life-saving, pain-killing health insurance.  God Help Us.

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